14th European ISSX MEeting Exhibitors

This meeting features several opportunities for attendees and exhibitors to interact.
Scroll through the list of meeting exhibitors and plan to meet with them in Cologne!

Exhibit Hall Hours

Monday, 26 June       19:00 – 21:00 (Welcome Reception)
Tuesday, 27 June       10:30 – 17:45
Wednesday, 28 June  10:00 – 17:00
Thursday, 29 June    09:45 – 13:30

A&M Labor für Analytik und Metabolismusforschung Service GmbH
Booth 203

A&M is a GLP/GCP compliant laboratory delivering high quality bioanalytical and ADME solutions to its clients from small biotech to big pharma companies. With over 25 years of experience and more than 200 co-developed drugs, A&M is one of the most established labs of its kind in Europe.

Accelera SRL
Booth 303

Accelera, a GLP accredited preclinical CRO, offers a wide range of drug discovery and development support to pharma and biotech companies. Tailored services vary from individual studies to full IND/NDA-enabling packages, including full ADME packages in vitro and in vivo, Radio-synthesis, metabolite profiling, Pharmacokinetics, Safety Pharmacology, General and Reproductive Toxicology.

Booth 601

Admescope is a contract research organization providing the pharmaceutical industry with tailor-made services to drug discovery in the area of ADME-Tox. Our services range from highly tailored studies to High Throughput Screening (HTS). Our unique expertise lies in drug metabolism; including metabolite profiling & identification, drug-drug interactions and quantitative bioanalysis.

BioPredic International
Booth 103

Biopredic International provides human and animal cells and tissues including the HepaRGtm cells and hepatocytes. Biopredic launched recently the unique human liver microsomes called Silensomestm and designed for the fm measurement and the phenotyping. Biopredic will also display its last findings and assays related to the bile canaliculi functions.

Booth 403

BioreclamationIVT is a worldwide provider of biological and in vitro products to pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. Our company specializes in animal, human and disease state human biological matrices for use in drug discovery along with LiverPool and cryoplateable hepatocyte, microsome and media products used in the preclinical industry.

Charles River Laboratories
Booth 104

Charles River is the CRO of choice with a proven track record of successful drug development. As part of our integrated services that take clients from hit ID to IND, the ADME team offers in vitro and in vivo services from compound discovery to development and in to the clinic.

Booth 209

Chelatec provides customized services in the specific fields of custom radioactive labeling and preclinical research. Our mission is to assist the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry along the drug development process by using the radioactive tracer for Bioanalyses, PharmacoKinetics and ADME studies.

Corning Life Sciences
Booth 200

Corning is a global manufacturer of tools and equipment for cell culture, genomics, drug discovery, and microbiology. Our Corning®, Falcon®, Axygen®, and Gosselin™ brands include: vessels and differentiated surfaces for cell culture and scale-up, media, liquid handling products, ADME/Tox products and services, and microbiology consumables.

Cypex Ltd
Booth 507

Cypex operates under an ISO9001-accredited Quality System, offering products and services for the study of drug metabolism in vitro.  The extensive range of products includes enzymes, substrates, metabolites and antibodies.  Our fluorescence-based CYP inhibition screening service investigates the potential of compounds to inhibit the major human CYPs.

Cyprotex Discovery Limited
Booth 201

Cyprotex, an Evotec Company, has 150 scientists specialised in in vitro and in silico ADME-Tox. We perform high throughput screening and regulatory (metabolite profiling, transporters, enzyme interactions etc.) work, and pride ourselves on our proprietary/bespoke ADME-Tox technologies, flexibility, and added value returned to customers through scientist-to-scientist communication.

GenoMembrane Co., Ltd. 
Booth 502

GenoMembrane Co., Ltd specializes in the research and development of drug transporters. We provide transporter-related products and research services. In order to contribute to pharmacokinetic study, we offer ABC transporter vesicle products and transiently expressed SLC transporter cells to help our clients to facilitate the discovery of their new drug.

Horizon Discovery
Booth 110

Horizon Discovery combines deep scientific experience in translational research with a precision gene-editing platform incorporating rAAV, CRISPR and ZFN technologies.  Horizon supplies genetically-defined cell lines, in vivo models, custom cell line generation, molecular reference standards, and contract research services to over 1,000 academic, clinical and biopharmaceutical organizations.    

Booth 605

Localized in USA, Europe and Asia, ImaBiotech is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) company which supports pharmaceutical compagnies with innovative services from preclinical to clinical stages. ImaBiotech is specialized in a new technology called Mass Spectrometry Imaging which improves Target Engagement, Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and support of toxicology studies.

In Vitro ADMET Laboratories, Inc. 
Booth 501

In Vitro ADMET Laboratories, Inc. (IVAL) offers products and contract services that represent our past three decades of expertise in the application of in vitro experimental systems to evaluate drug absorption, metabolism, drug-drug interactions and drug toxicity.

Booth 106

KaLy-Cell has extensive experience in culturing and characterization of hepatocytes from toxicologically-relevant species i.e. monkey, minipig, dog, rat and mouse as well as human hepatocytes.  KaLy-Cell provides in vitro and ex vivo evaluation of drug candidates for mechanisms of toxicity, drug-drug interactions and safety assessments.

LabLogic Systems Ltd
Booth 101

LabLogic Systems is a worldwide market leader in the supply of LIMS and chromatography data systems to pharmaceutical, academic, nuclear medicine and research laboratories. Our products include LIMS for ADME studies and PET production, radiochromatography detectors and software for HPLC and TLC, liquid scintillation and gamma counters.

Lhasa Limited
Booth 404

Lhasa Limited creates expert predictive software for use by life scientists in a variety of workflows and regulatory submissions; for example, Meteor Nexus, with different methodologies for assessing metabolism, is well placed to assist in DMPK studies. Other products include Derek Nexus and Zeneth for toxicity and degradation prediction, respectively.

Lonza Cologne GmbH
Booth 500

Lonza Bioscience provides instruments, research tools and software solutions throughout the entire pharmaceutical value chain from drug discovery, ADME/Tox to Quality Control. Our integrated portfolio of transfection instruments, primary cells, and hepatocytes allows seamless screening of CRISPR libraries for phenotypic screening as well as early ADME/Tox investigations.

Organovo, Inc. 
Booth 202

Organovo develops dynamic, multicellular, 3D bioprinted human tissues that closely mimic native architecture and function for the advancement of preclinical safety testing, disease modeling, ADME, and therapeutic applications. Available through its NovoView™ Preclinical Services, ExVive™ 3D Bioprinted Liver and Kidney Tissues model human biology for effective translation to the clinic.

Booth 405

Pharmaron is a premier R&D CRO helping life science clients worldwide. Pharmaron has established a broad spectrum of drug R&D service capabilities, ranging from synthetic & medicinal chemistry, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, safety assessment, radiochemistry & radiolabelled metabolism. For additional information contact us at:
info@pharmaron-uk.com www.pharmaron.com

PhoenixBio USA Corporation
Booth 100

PhoenixBio produces the PXB-Mouse® model, the most widely used humanized liver chimeric mouse model for drug discovery and development. With a liver consisting of up to 95% human hepatocytes, PXB-mice accelerate preclinical drug development with accurate human translatability in DMPK/Tox, Safety, NASH/NAFLD, Oligonucleotides, HBV/HCV, and liver disease research.

PortaCellTec Biosciences GmbH
Booth 603

PortaCellTec provides a broad spectrum of uptake and efflux transporter assays (OATs, OCTs, OATPs, MATEs, MDR1, BCRP, BSEP, MRPs) to investigate the inhibitory potential and substrate characteristics of your drug. As recommended by FDA and EMA, we perform in vitro transporter studies with validated drug transporters stably-transfected in HEK-293 cells.

Primacyt Cell Culture Technology GmbH
Booth 207

PRIMACYT provides researchers in environmental toxicology, human and animal health with primary human and animal cells. We have the biggest assortment of fresh isolated liver cells in Europe. Primacyt is GLP certified. We offer a validated technology platform to assay a broad variety of drug transporter in stable transfected HEK293-cells.

Booth 205

QPS is a GLP/GCP-compliant CRO that supports discovery, preclinical, and clinical drug development. We provide quality services in Neuropharmacology, DMPK, Toxicology, Bioanalysis, Translational Medicine, and Clinical Development to pharmaceutical and biotech clients worldwide. Our regional laboratories, clinical facilities and offices are located in North America, Europe, India and Asia. For more information, visit https://www.qps.com.

Quotient Clinical
Booth 211

Quotient Clinical is a world leading provider of human ADME studies to the pharmaceutical industry generating data to support global regulatory submissions.  Our integrated GMP manufacturing and GCP clinical facility with dedicated capability for the conduct of conventional and tracer radiolabelled studies offers a unique solution for pharmaceutical companies needing to generate human metabolism and pharmacokinetic data to support drug development and registration.

Sekisui XenoTech
Booth 503

Trusted by 90% of top pharmas and numerous other organizations, Sekisui XenoTech is a global Contract Research Organization with unparalleled experience and proven expertise from discovery through clinical support, providing cell and tissue-based products, screening, radiolabeling, API manufacturing, in vitro ADMET and pharmacology, in vivo ADMET and QWBA, metabolite ID and production, bioanalytical services and consulting. Learn more at www.xenotech.com.

Simulations Plus, Inc. 
Booth 406

Simulations Plus provides modeling & simulation software and consulting services from discovery through clinical development. With GastroPlus™, the industry’s leading PBPK modeling & simulation platform, and the #1-ranked QSAR models in ADMET Predictor™, we provide an unprecedented ability to screen drugs & chemicals administered through various routes using virtual animal & human models.

SOLVO Biotechnology
Booth 401

With 17 years of experience and 500 customers in 40 countries, SOLVO Biotechnology is the leading provider of transporter services and products. Leveraging our expertise in efflux and uptake transporters, SOLVO generates quality reports for submission to FDA/EMA. From small molecules to protein therapeutics, SOLVO can test all your transporter needs.

Taylor & Francis
Booth 112

Taylor & Francis is a leading global academic publishing company. We partner with researchers, scholarly societies, universities, and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. Taylor & Francis staff provide local expertise and support to our editors, societies and authors and tailored, efficient customer service to our library colleagues.

Booth 505

tebu-bio supplies the largest possible range of innovative & convenient products and Laboratory services. Our local specialists based throughout Europe offer personal advice and expert help. Our own European-based laboratory performs customised, flexible services offering controlled costs & turn-around times with strict confidentiality and quality policies. For full information: www.tebu-bio.com.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Booth 102

The GibcoTM brand by Thermo Fisher Scientific provides cell-based products to accelerate the development of effective drugs. Our comprehensive portfolio of primary hepatocytes, media, and supplements to provide the stable foundation you need to confidently screen compounds for potential effects on liver function; our team of hepatic scientists will help you integrate these powerful tools.

upcyte technologies GmbH
Booth 108

upcyte technologies is combining large scale cell expansion with physiological relevance, thereby meeting the demand for high numbers of competent cells for high-throughput applications. By using our upcyte® protocol primary cells can be pushed back into proliferation without altering their most specific characteristics. We provide assay-ready cells, optimized medium as well as custom upcyting® of cell types.

WuXi AppTec
Booth 301

WuXi AppTec Laboratory Testing Division (LTD) provides a comprehensive and integrated testing platform for drug development. With operations in both China and the U.S., LTD provides services and solutions in analytical chemistry, in vivo pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, bioanalysis, toxicology, clinical testing and customized antibody and reagent preparation.

Booth 503
(see Sekisui XenoTech)